Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Black is Beautiful

So everyone knows when all else fails wear black, right? The little black dress, the sexy black clutch, and of course the fabulous black stilettos.  Fashion has favored black for decades to define and event, such as a Black and White soiree, to show classic style, the timeless, black, oversized sunglasses, and to reinvent a staple item with a sophisticated black nail polish.  This fall, Chanel and MAC cosmetics want us to open our hearts to even more possibilities for the one who has always brought us so much style.  Introducing the black lipstick.  Fashionistas, now we have another black item to add to our repertoire! I want everyone to at least try this fall trend.  I personally remember getting my first black manicure, and thinking to myself "goth, Jessica, really?" Now it has to be one of my favorite nail polishes! So here's the challenge, I want to see y'all wearing black lipstick this season.  Be bold, be original, and above all be classy.  

Alright lovers, I have given you the knowledge, now it is up to you to keep up with this world.

Arrivederci, JAN

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let's hear it for the boys!

An accessory will make any ensemble fabulous! My spotlight accessory for this entry is for my beautiful boys of the gay community. I know what you are thinking, "Jess, why is this accessory person specific?" My accessory for the most fun-loving boys is, ME! Well, not just me, but a glamorous straight gal pal for their arm. We use our gay husbands for all of our selfish needs, including but certainly not limited to: making us feel better when the straight ones are asses, fashion confirmation, and an instant affection giver. Here's our chance to give back and become the ultimate fashion accessory. There is something undeniably sexy about a gay-straight power couple. The hybrid, glamour explosion of this beautiful collaboration of the gay fashionista and his straight gal pal is my fashion accessory pick for today. What to look for when searching for this accessory, boys? First look for beauty. Let's be honest, you would not purchase an accessory that did not positively catch your eye, so why change the qualifications of this living accomplice? Equally important, but second, fashion knowledge. Yes, knowledge. You do not want a girl that chooses her wardrobe based solely on window mannequins. Make sure she reads, follows, and accurately executes fashion. Lastly, fun, fun, and more fun. The benefits of a living accessory is that they are in fact, living. Fashion does not work with the wrong attitude. Remember, like any other accessory, this is meant to benefit the wearer, so if your straight partner does not serve their sole purpose of making you look absolutely stunning then chose another.

Alright lovers, I have given you the knowledge, now it is up to you to keep up with this world.

Arrivederci, JAN

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ciao and Welcome!

Ciao! I am so excited to begin my new blog. Today marks the first day of The House of Jan. To everyone who has joined the "Clique", get ready for a company that will keep you updated with the latest in fashion and even keep you ahead with seasonal forecasts!
Arrivederci, JAN

Pi Kappa Alpha Date Night at Meinhart Vineyards

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